15th Redhill Beer Festival

The organisation of the 2019 Festival has just started and the hall has been booked, see below for the dates.

Thursday 31st October, Friday 1st & Saturday 2nd November 2019
At Merstham
Village Hall, Station Road North, Merstham, RH1 3ED

14th Redhill Beer Festival

The Festival was visited by over 1,000 people who drank over 4,000 pints of real ale, cider and perry.  We raised £548 for our charity, St Catherine’s Hospice, and £797 was collected for the Royal British Legion as well.

51 Beers and 9 Ciders still available on Saturday morning.

Thursday 1st, Friday 2nd & Saturday 3rd November 2018
At Merstham
Village Hall, Station Road North, Merstham, RH1 3ED

The hall is between Merstham Station and the bus stop at the Feathers on the A23 (405 bus between Croydon and Redhill) and is less than 150 metres from each.

Commemorating the Centenary of the Armistice
and local Victoria Cross heroes

Thursday 1st Nov: 12 noon – 11.00pm
£2.00 before 4.00pm, then £3.00 until 11.00pm
Friday 2nd Nov: 12 noon – 11.00pm
£2.00 before 4.00pm, then £4.00 until 11.00pm
Saturday 3rd Nov: 12 noon – 6.00pm (while stocks last) Free admission

£3 returnable deposit for glass at all sessions.
Programme included with admission.
£1.00 discount for CAMRA members at all fee-paying sessions.

Unfortunately there is no room for children so there is no admission to under 18s.
No dogs except assistance dogs.

Unfortunately we have been notified of 14 changes indicated below.  The deletions are shown struck through in red and additions are shown in green.

Download the revised programme here.

51 Beers and 9 Ciders still available on Saturday morning. The ones which are no longer available have Finished in the Style column.


Brewery Beer ABV Style
Ainsty Assassin 4.9% Stout
Alchemy Secret Citra 5.0% Strong Ale
Arbor Oz Bomb 4.7% Best Bitter
Arundel Sussex Gold 4.2% Finished
Arundel Winter Knights 4.9% Old Ale
Beatnikz Republic Beach Bum 5.0% Strong Ale
Big Smoke Dark Wave Porter 5.0% Porter
Big Smoke Solaris Session Pale Ale 3.8% Finished
Blackjack Devil’s Bedpost 5.0% Strong Ale
Bowman Quiver 4.5% Best Bitter
Bowman Upshot 4.5% Best Bitter
Brewsmith New Zealand Pale 4.2% Best Bitter
Brew York Black Eagle 5.8% Strong Ale
Brew York Brew York Brew York 4.9% Best Bitter
Bristol Beer Factory Milk Stout 4.5% Stout
Brolly C.O.W. 4.8% Best Bitter
Brolly Little Pearl 3.5% Bitter
Cross Bay Killing Fields 4.6% Best Bitter
Dorking Buffalo Buffalo 5.1% Strong Ale
Dorking Washington Gold 3.8% Bitter
Downton Chocolate Orange Delight 5.8% Old Ale
Downton Moby Dick 4.7% Best Bitter
Electric Bear Inspector Remorse 4.7% Porter
Firebird Citra 4.1% Best Bitter
Firebird Heritage Sussex Best 4.0% Finished
First Chop HOP 4.1% Best Bitter
Fyne Ales Carved In Sire 4.9% Best Bitter
Godstone Dunkel 4.7% Best Bitter
Great Heck Patrick 4.8% Stout
Great Heck Voodoo Mild 4.3% Mild
Grey Trees Black Road Stout 4.0% Stout
Harbour Ellensberg 4.3% Best Bitter
Howling Hops Pale XX 5.1% Strong Ale
Howling Hops Tropical Deluxe 3.8% Finished
Iron Pier Green Hop 4.4% Best Bitter
Iron Pier Iron Pier Porter 5.3% Porter
Kissingate Black Cherry Mild 4.2% Finished
Kissingate Powder Blue 5.5% Porter
Langham Aegir 7.5% Porter
Langham Sundowner 4.2% Best Bitter
Little Critters Incubator 6.0% Stout
Long Man Gunpowder Stout 4.5% Stout
Long Man Sleeping Giant 3.8% Finished
Moor Beer Juicy Jones 6.5% Strong Ale
Oxted Double Dave 4.4% Finished
Oxted Hop’dfather 3.8% Finished
Pig & Porter Green Hop Saison 4.7% Best Bitter
Pig & Porter Jingle Jangle Morning 5.5%  Strong Ale
Pilgrim Pioneer APA 4.5% Best Bitter
Pilgrim Saracen 1065 6.8% Finished
Pilgrim Talisman 4.9% Best Bitter
Red Willow Faithless 90 Maple Smoked Stout 5.2% Stout
Saltaire New World Red 5.2% Strong Ale
Saltaire Pacifica 5.5% Strong Ale
Saltaire Unity 6.0% Strong Ale
Sarah Hughes Dark Ruby Mild 6.0% Mild
Siren Craft Broken Dream 6.0% Stout
Surrey Hills Gilt Trip 4.6% Finished
Surrey Hills Collusion XI 5.2% Strong Ale
Surrey Hills Greensand IPA 4.6% Finished
Thurstons Horsell Hop 4.0% Best Bitter
Thurstons Stedmans Ale 4.1% Best Bitter
Tillingbourne Dormouse 3.8% Finished
Tillingbourne Hop Troll 4.8% Best Bitter
Tiny Rebel City of Gold 5.5% Strong Ale
Tiny Rebel Espress Yourself 4.6% Best Bitter
Tiny Rebel Stay Puft 5.2% Porter
Titanic Plum Porter Grand Reserve 6.5% Finished
Titsey Leveson Buck 3.7% Finished
Wantsum Black Prince 3.9% Finished
Wantsum Grim Reaper 5.5% Strong Ale
Weird Beard Sour Slave 4.0% Best Bitter
Weltons English Pride 3.8% Bitter
Weltons Horsham Old 4.5% Old Ale
West Berkshire Good Old Boys 4.0% Best Bitter
West Berkshire Maggs Magnificent Mild 3.8% Mild
Westerham Bonfire Bitter 4.0% Best Bitter
Westerham Viceroy 5.0% Strong Ale
Wilde Child Hedonistic Existence 6.3% Stout
Wylam All Formats 5.2% Strong Ale


Biddenden strong cider (Dry)
Wilkins dry cider (Dry)
CJ’s Wench cider (Medium)
Sheppy’s cider (Medium)
Chiddingstone cider (Medium Sweet)
Rosie’s Black Bart Rum cider (Sweet)
Glebe Farm Side -R Strawberry cider (Medium)
South Downs rhubarb rendezvous cider (Medium) – Finished
Pine Trees Farm Pear O’Duddas Perry (Medium)
Oliver’s classic blend Perry (Medium Sweet)

Food available at all sessions. Free soft drinks available.

Tokens will be used again to pay for beer.

If you have any queries about the festival please contact Martin Longhurst.

Like the festival on Facebook at and follow on Twitter @redhillbeerfest.

Further details of previous festivals, including last year’s beer and cider lists, can be found on the Previous Festivals page.